Hello, Mr. Scheidt

Originally from Kalamazoo, MI, I've also lived in Columbus (Indiana not Ohio), Fountain Valley (California), Detroit, Chicago, and even lived for a few years in Berlin, Germany. Currently I live, work, and play in Chicago with my wife and son.

Growing up, I always loved to painting and design. These are just a few things I picked up from my dad, Steve Scheidt. He also taught me to stay curious and keep learning, so I continue to take classes in screenprinting, motion graphics, and who knows what else lies ahead. Maybe textile design? Public art? Virtual & augmented reality design? 

I love to travel, meet people, try different foods, and go on adventures. And until Elon Musk gets us to Mars, I have my telescope that gets me pretty close. Meanwhile, I'm doing what I love everyday; designing fun stuff, making art, reading sci-fi, traveling, and hanging out with friends and family.  There are plenty of interesting people and places to visit on Earth too!


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